opinions about SEO book?

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I'm thinking of buying the SEO book http://www.seobook.com/ for $79

Any opinions?

I'm new to SEO but relatively well-informed. I'm looking for a
reference guide with maybe some tricks or tools.  I find it rather
bothersome that many of the SEO information is spread out over the
web, and so much of it is out of date.

What I don't want:
1)something that is overly tailored to AdSense
2)something is more geared to large sites. I help run a small
community/blog site. I want to know tricks I can implement without
having to make enterprise investments.
c)I want something that keeps the latest data about tricks of the
latest search engines and cms's. What attracts me about the SEO book
is that it is updated several times a year.

So would 79$ be a good investment? Does anyone have better ideas?


Re: opinions about SEO book?

the SEO book is an ebook, downloadable as a PDF, not a print book.


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Re: opinions about SEO book?

On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 09:47:23 -0800 (PST), idiotprogrammer

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Sure, buy it. Won't hurt. You're at the stage where you need to buy
and read everything.


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http://www.fat-odin.com /
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Re: opinions about SEO book?

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Save your money. I bought the book and found it very unorganized and
unoriginal. You would do just fine (if not better) by:

1. Learning what you can, online (for free). This will "catch you up"
on what you've missed so far.

2. Subscribing to free online newsletters that specialize in search
engine stories. (Searchland, etc.) This will keep you up-to-date on
what's happening now and likely to happen in the future.

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Re: opinions about SEO book?

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aarons a good guy and like me will try anything and everything to see
if theres any benefit to it all. my advice is to read his blog on a
daily basis and then take a look at seomoz.org both of which will give
you lots to read about and plenty of things to try for your self.

IMHO dont take any book, blog or anything else as gospel to SEO... you
have to find out what techniques you're prepared to use and how far
youre prepared to go to be #1... every niche has its own challenges...


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