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Anybody entered the Be The Dealer SEO Competition ?

Here's my Online Casino BTDino entry: /

Oh, here's the link to the competition: /

It's kinda like the 'nigritude ultramarine' competition from 2003. Only
this one focuses on MSN instead of Google. Which seems like a nice twist
for a change.


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Re: Online Casino BTDino


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In what way does promoting an online casino resemble the 'nigritude
ultramarine' contest?

philronan [@] blueyonder [dot] co [dot] uk

Re: Online Casino BTDino

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I said 'kinda like' :)

It's similar in the way that you have to optimize your site to rank high
in a search engine for a given keyword.

And I'm not spamming that casino, it's an actual competition.

Touched By His Noodly Appendage

Re: Online Casino BTDino

I'm a casino affiliate myself - although I don't promote BTD (they just
don't convert they well for me). I suspect that they'll hit the winners with
more SEO targets...?

Re: Online Casino BTDino

On Fri, 30 Dec 2005 15:07:47 GMT, Philip Ronan

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*taking a wild guess*
Someone wins - in this instance, the online casino site. I mean it is
sly idea to get freely offered promotion - particularly when
considering that some folks never dismantled their nigritude
ultramarine pages so any links shared on those pages still "counting"
for wherever they point to.

Also - less time consuming/email involvement this way than by having
folks applying for an award that they "have to link back" if they
"win" one.  ;)


re:Online Casino BTDino

Personally I don't like these seo contests just because all of the
links and PR it gives the contest organizers, but I do happen to
participate in this one and I hope I will not be dragged in to
participating any more of these.
The amount of time you invest in these seo contest really doesn't pay
off and I can just hope that it will pay me back for some of my

Good luck to all the other participants, it is getting intresting as
the end date is getting closer.

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