One out going link ranks higher?

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I have a question about SEO

I did a simple website for a bride to be.

Her husband and she have pretty unique names (I'll just call them Mxxq
and Wqqz)
(I don't want to post their real site on usenet) I'll call the site

Anyway the bride submitted the site to Google, for some odd reason. It's
only 6 pages total but it got picked up quickly and since June gets
chached once per month.

I put a subdomain in for the bride and another subdomain for the groom.

So when you type in the name mxxqandwqqzwedding, as a word in Google its
the only thing that comes up, which is fine. Underneath each subdomain
was index for three entries returned.

Last Friday the bride registered at a very well known store and put a
link in the stores website to her page.

Now when I google the word mxxqandwqqzwedding the store comes up first
and pushed the others down.

My site is all XHTML compliant and uses CSS compliant I ran them thru
the validators and did the meta tags etc...

So did the stores site come up first for that keyword, because the store
has so much page rank, while the wedding site probably has none.

I like to read this SEO I just want to make sure in  my mind I am seeing
it correctly

Re: One out going link ranks higher? wrote:

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Google sees the store's page as being more "important" so when the store
mentions those words it gets ranked higher than a new site (not "important"
yet in Google's eyes).

I use the word "important" instead of "PageRank" because what Google
considers "important" is not necessarily PageRank.  It changes with each
Google update.

HTML validators and meta tags aren't really helpful for actual rankings,
although they have other uses.

To get that site ranked above the store, start building more inbound links
to the wedding site.  It might take a while if its a new site.  Make sure
that your keywords are mentioned somewhere in your <title> and <h1> on the
home page.

Re: One out going link ranks higher?

The same thing happened to my "our customers" page. Where if someone
typed in my customers name my web site would show up above theirs in
the search engine.

Re: One out going link ranks higher?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The same thing happens to me about 5,000 times a day ;o)


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