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I've done some experimenting to see what SE's make of the various things
that we can do with (x)html tables.

    the thing tested (results: MSN & Google)

    the caption tag (content gets indexed)
    the summary attribute (nothing)
    abbr attributes on TD's (nothing)
    TD/TH/TBODY/TFOOT/THEAD (content gets indexed*)

    also ( title attribute on <abbr> tags (nothing)).

*the TFOOT content appears in the snippet before the TBODY content i.e. as
it is in the code, not as it is in the UA.

Dissapointingly, that was what I'd expected...

The page is valid xhtml with one inbound link, all test phrases were pure
gobbldygook with no results before the test page got spidered. If you want
to look at it, its called ugbaz dot htm in the website in the sig. Please
don't link to it, or use the gobbldygook words in the reply as I think the
1 inbound link & no competition will keep the results 'straight' (ie. show
what on-page techniques can do).

Any suggestions & comments welcome.

Next: do the various table tags have weight over each other (i.e. is the
caption weighted over a TH)?


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