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About a week ago I was showing someone how easy it is to take a domain
and put up a webpage. I wrote a very simple HTML code, no links nothing.
Just a background gif, a logo gif, a few words and a mailto: Gif

Anyway today for some reason I was in Dogpile and typed the site name in
Minus the .com and the site showed up under Dogpile. (Ranked 7th out of

Dogpile says "as found on ASK.com."

So I went to ASK.com and put in the same keyword. And nothing came up

So how did it show up on Dogpile but not ASK, if Dogpile says it was
found on ASK.

Re: On Dogpile but not Ask.com

__/ [ Gymdandy@webtv.net ] on Thursday 23 March 2006 05:00 \__

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Hi Gymdandy,

Dogpile.com accumulate results from many search engines, much like
Webcrawler, among many others. The results are often a (re-)sorted assembly
or results with duplicates removed.

As to Ask, I am aware of front ends like Big.com, which use Ask results if
not just harvest them and then do further processing. The bottom line is
this: do not treat search engines that are merely using services as a
transparent glass. They can do whatever they desire to distinguish
themselves from others and claim to be unique (supposedly' better').

Best wishes,


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