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As and when our new site is ready to go live, what would be the best way to use
existing links etc...

What I mean is.... Products from the old static html pages will be duplicated
on teh new dynamic site but to avoid product duplication I have the option of
keeping the old site's pages active and putting a link on each page to the new
site page, or is there a way of doing things a simpler way like saying all
pages with cat*.htm (* being wild card) be permanatly re-directed to (new index

If I was to re-create the existing pages removing product descriptions and just
have links to new pages this would significantly increase internal links but
would it be of any use.

 From a users point of view if they followed an external link to an old product
page, they could then click through to the new page and continue on the new
site. Lots and lots of work but would the work be worthwile compared to
abandoning these links in favour of a new and clean start by permanantly
re-directing links to index. (presumably benefitting inbound links to home)

Hope some of that makes sense.


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