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Ok, now I know what a blog is, but how do you search them ? Is there a
option ??? Ora just search them in google ??? Like "blog + xyz" search ???


Re: ok, again about blog...

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Re: ok, again about blog...

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No need to start a new thread really. Don't really matter though :)

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good link

Re: ok, again about blog...Our SEO blog page

On 18 Oct 2003, you wrote in alt.internet.search-engines:

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Well, here's mine.

Valid markup, logical structure.

I have found that using valid markup and logical structure has done a few
things for the sites that I have developed.
1. The pages get indexed quicker
2. The pages get cached quicker
3. The client's keywords have good SERP

I markup documents like an outline, use the H1 element for page title, and
H2-H6 elements as appropriate.  I also use lists for lists of links,
definition lists where appropriate.  I use appropriate alt attribute
content if the image is not for decoration. If there is an element that
logically marks something up, I will use that instead of a cludge.

I also use the Link element, which some search engines can use, and some
browsers use (Opera uses it).

I do not use presentational markup.  I do not use tables for positioning. I
use CSS for presentation and positioning. I serve the content first, footer
with internal links, then navigation, then any header images.  For screen
media, the header images appear first, then the navigation, then the
content.  For text browsers, like search engines, the content is first.  
This also has the advantage that since I am not using tables, the content
is available to the visitor while any eye-candy is loading.  The only
browser sniffing I do is for old browsers, like Netscape 4 and under, they
do not get a stylesheet, and they get a little suggestion that the page may
look better if they upgrade.

I always validate my pages.  Most of the sites I develop use some sort of
server side technology, so I have to test/debug anyway.  What's an extra
minute to validate/debug for markup?  Additionally, when I use the
validator (http://validator.w3.org ), I usually turn on the Outline option,
so I can see if the page is logically structured.


Adrienne Boswell
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Many thanks. Your text has been added.  See
Please suggest amendments anytime. More contributions from others welcome.
Best regards, Eric.

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