Official SUCKY changes to IE on the PC

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theyre stopping support for <embed> and <object> tags, i suppose this is
because the next version of html uses <object> etc for images instead of
<img src> ?

you are NOW supposed to use external .js files to document.write these tags
onto the page



Re: Official SUCKY changes to IE on the PC

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Eolas vs. Microsoft... You don't listen to the telegraph poles, do you?

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Re: Official SUCKY changes to IE on the PC

This wasn't so hard to fix, but annoying. Okay I've written a JS function
that accepts the location of a movie and it's dimensions as parameters. Slot
it into any webpage anywhere and it'll write the correct "fixed" code into
your site ready for you :)


function addFlash(location,width,height)
  document.write('<object clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"
  document.write(' width="');
  document.write('" height="');
  document.write('"> <param name="movie" value="');
  document.write('"><param name="quality" value="high">');
  document.write('<embed src="');
  document.write('" quality="high"
pluginspage=" "
  document.write('" height="');


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Re: Official SUCKY changes to IE on the PC

mark | r wrote:

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Note, this only seems to effect <object> when used in the proprietry
ActiveX sense. Using an object properly, like:

<object data="myimage.png" style="height:50px;width:80px;">
<p>My Image.</p>

does not seem to be effected.

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Re: Official SUCKY changes to IE on the PC

Dexter J wrote:

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Pei Wei's comment on the Eolas thing:

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Re: Official SUCKY changes to IE on the PC


Isofarro wrote:
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Well - therein lays the 571 million dollar plus, plus question I suppose..

Did Bell actually invent the phone or did he just get to the patent office

If you take another look at this link:

.. then and click back up to thread itself - there was discussion at the
time as to whether or not Doyle could (or should) claim a patent. Actually,
it's a little weird overall to scan the other threads from 1995 - it's
amazing how the same arguments still seem to be ongoing today.

I agree with Pei Wei's point that this is not a good outcome for the
greater internet or the premise of a truly stand alone network - on the
other hand - I don't think that MS is much interested in a stand alone
network either and on the face of it, Doyle did make it to the PTO first.

My take is that MS will further isolate and specialize their browser and
supporting ASP/ActiveX infrastructure in response, but like Netscape before
them - this may again radically change the browser market.

Still - like I said - I think the whole issue is going to mean a lot of
work for the lads and lassies as folks actually get a working handle on
what this ruling and coming changes really mean to their web services
infrastructure for next year and beyond.

Maybe this round the speciality zealots on all sides will not hold as much
sway, you know, assuming people get that this isn't about MS and Eolas so
much as it is about actually building things that don't lock you into any
particular solution when push comes to shove.

The internet stands on sand - not rock.


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