OE6, Drivespace3 and email listings

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I'm a novice and I'm looking for three bits of information.

I had a XP had to reformat, saved data, now 98, all my old messages are DBX
files in a folder and I can't import them to OE6, spent hours. Any ideas?

My zip drive needed to be mounted so as I could use it and it needed
Drivespace3. My Win98 CD didn't seem to have it and so I downloaded it from
the net. The file is called ds3recvr and yes I've unzipped it, but it sits
staring at me. What the hell am supposed to do with it?

I'm into lyric-writing as well as following dogs around (only joking!). Does
anyone in the world know where I'll
find a site that has a listing of email addresses to do with the music
industry like record labels, agents, studios etc.

Somebody out there must be able to help me with at least one of these three
points. Here is hoping.

tommyglassford     AT      tiscali.co.uk
It won't keep the scammers away forever, but it might make it a bit hard for

Re: OE6, Drivespace3 and email listings

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Wrong newsgroup - but I have just had similar problem.

If you can find the old dbx files then copy them across somehow to the new
machine. The files are in very deep level directories. In the process,
rename them all ,say, to  inbox1.dbx    drafts1.dbx  etc   Don't use
filenames that are already there.

Then on the new machine use OE6 to create enough new folders with novel
names like inbox2.dbx  drafts2.dbx etc  Copy one email into each of these
folders to activate it and then make sure you can open and close each folder
in turn.  I think this updates the master database of the list of folders.

Then delete the folders inbox2.dbx  drafts2.dbx etc

Then rename inbox1.dbx  drafts1.dbx etc to inbox2.dbx  drafts2.dbx etc

You should now be able to access all your old emails and can easily move
them to their proper places, before deleting the inbox2.dbx  drafts2.dbx etc
once these folders are empty.

This worked for me.  Good luck. Eric

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