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I hope someone can help.

I have a pr 5 site, it is a clean and ethical site in all ways, uses a
wordpress base for the homepage and the blog, never had a problem. / /

But last month when changing the css menu, I left out a '/' in the
menu, basically some simple code mistake I made when changing the
menu.  It made the google look for pages that did not exist.

And when I looked at the google webmaster tools, it showed about 7000
pages 404 'not found' Wow.  I understand why google had trouble with
my site.

I fixed the errors at once in the CSS menu.

But now for the last two weeks I am stilled not cached (however, I am
in the google search result)   Sometimes I see a page trying to be
cached but when I go to the cached it shows ->

Your search - claritaslux
- did not match any documents.

I am starting to panic as I do not do anything unethical and really
just a basic wordpress based site.

I was thinking it could be duplicate content created from my tags and
categories, the things that wordpress can be known to create duplicate
content for, but I think it is still all about the 404 errors because -
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I checked the error file on webmaster tools again this morning and as
of a few days ago it was still producing errors, what it should not
have been showing, so I image that there is delay in the webmaster
tools and reality.

The bottom line it does not seem to be fixing itself.

Please help as I have worked on this site for years in an ethical way
and would not like to see it go away.

Re: Not cached but indexed


Just wait for Google to re-index the site. As you have removed the source of
the 404 links, Google should re-index in its next crawl and fix it. It can
take up to one month, just need to be patient.

I don't think the 404 errors in webmaster tools will be removed so fast.
Here's a thread that can help

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Re: Not cached but indexed

Thank you very much for the reply!  I am trying to clean everything.

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