Noob question - submitting to directories with "nofollow"

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Is it worth submitting to directories whose outbound links have a nofollow
directive on them? Fairly sure Google don't follow through on them and
that's by a way the most important consideration for the UK market, but if
other big players do follow them and they have a positive influence, Google
can pick that up indirectly can't they? (I'm told Yahoo position for
instance can have an influence on Google rank.)

I suppose if it's a free directory then it wouldn't hurt anyway, but I've
bumped into paid directories with nofollows on and that just seems like it
might be a waste of cash.

Any thoughts?


Re: Noob question - submitting to directories with "nofollow"

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Submissions to directories are generally of no benefit to anyone, these

The vast majority of directories have virtually no human visitors, and zero
search engine value (less than zero if you give a reciprocal link).

Paying ANY directory submissions is almost certainly a waste of time and

There are exceptions; submitting your site to a few quality directories,
such as the ODP (, a couple of quality local directories and number
of quality niche directories.

Note it's Quality that counts, not quantity. Few enough to make it worth you
finding, reviewing and submitting your site yuourself - after all, who
better to be sure the description is appropriate, you opicked the right
category, and you followed guidelines?

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Re: Noob question - submitting to directories with "nofollow"

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You wouldn't think it would hurt, but I have heard tales of Google using an
algo to hunt "Link Farms" and penalise results. Google also heavily weights
against paid links, and even has a mechanism in place to report them.

Don't neglect using your email sig as a way to propagate links, as some
sites scrape content from here.
(Shameless examples below)
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