no referrer % industry averages

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I am attempting to match up my pay per clicks and referrers via log file.
Unfortunatly "no referrers constitute 60% of the pie.  Is that an industry

Also any good books or mags that cover analyzing log files.

I appreciate your help!!


Re: no referrer % industry averages

On Sat, 17 Jul 2004 05:22:51 GMT, "Articus"

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Hopefully, at least some of those are repeat customers coming in
through bookmarks or a typed URL, or by word-of-mouth. :)

What % of your orders are from repeat customers? Do you include a
"Where'd you hear about us?" blank on your order page?

Re: no referrer % industry averages

If I am thinking correctly, AWStats lists these as "Connect to site from
Direct address / Bookmarks."  If so, here are stats on a few sites: 26.1% 30.4% 41.1% 39.3% 37.2% 18.8% 22.1% 33.7% 16.6% 20.6% 64.5% 28.7% 29.2%

Your 60% number tells you one of two things:

1. You have a fantastic site which users just keep coming back to again
and again!

2. You have a site in need of serious SEO work to bring in new visitors.

Your SERPS should give you a hint as to which answer is correct.


Re: no referrer % industry averages

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 00:39:13 GMT, Will Spencer

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Interesting information...   the person was questioning specifically
that 60% of his CPC visitors were missing referring URLs.    From my
experiences with buying CPC traffic, that's a big marker for click

Here's a partial list of my markers for click fraud:

- no referring URL
- does not load any graphics from the landing page
- does not move beyond the landing page
- IP address can be found on a list of open proxies
- CPC source runs affiliate programs to generate traffic
- Query exactly matches the search term you've bid on every time
   (might be interesting to bid on a made up term like nigritude
ultramarine, bid $1/click and see if it generates clicks! :))

A few clicks of the above type do not constitute "proof", but there
should not be a huge difference in the ratios from paid vs free

There is a second tier of CPC traffic which isn't fraud, but is pretty
worthless traffic.  My favorite example of this was a CPC program that
had a bingo web site as one of its bigger publishers.   At the end of
each round, it would display a 468x60 banner ad with the text "Click
on the banner ad and help us make the jackpots bigger"....  

There are reasons why a search term at a Google or Overture can go for
$2.00 per click and the same term can be bought on another CPC source
for $.02 :)

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