No Honor Among Spammers

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I'm writing this because it's kind of funny and also because the other
spammer involved here is a regular reader and possibly participant of
these newsgroup for the past several years.

First off I will openly admit that I use blackhat seo and spam for
backlinks. How I find the sites to spam to is I follow the exploits
closely of the number 1 spammer on the internet and just check all the
backlinks of his sites all the time. He finds them and he's really great
at finding them too, saves me tons of work I will admit. Then I just
post all my links to the goods ones pr4 on up.

Now the funny part of this is this spammer is really really extremely
pissed at me for spamming my links at the sites that he found. That's
the really funny part and why I titled this post no honor among
spammers, just like there's none among thieves. What's funny is this guy
can't see it that way and thinks because he found the good sites to post
to that he now owns them. That would like someone stealing somebodies
car for example and then another crook steals the car from him that he
stole and he gets really bent out of shape by the car he stole being
stolen from him and reports it to the police.

No Mr. Number One Spammer on the internet who ever you really are (I
know you're reading this) those sites you found do not belong to you and
they are up for grabs as far as I'm concerned. Now I'm more then willing
to wheel and deal with you in a fair way to you since you did find them
for me. I'd be willing to split up the sites you found as I find them at
your backlinks. For example if I have 100 pr5 sites from your backlinks
thatI've found that you found on your own I'm assuming anyway that 60 of
them for you and 40 of them for me and you can pick and choose which 60
you want of those pr5's and then the remaining 40 would be mine. Meaning
that I would stop posting to those 60 and you'd have to stop posting to
those 40.

Now if that idea interests you you know where to find me. It would be
much better then this posting war we've been having for the past year
and a half and we'd each get more of the full PR from the sites that way
rather then it all being divided up.

It's your call....

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