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I have had my site ( live for a number of
months now but, despite submitting my site a number of times to Google,

I am not listed, nor has Googlebot crawled my site.  I have tried
sending emails to Google asking about this, but I seem to be met with
nothing but a wall of silence...

If anyone can help me get listed on Google, I should be most grateful.

Re: No Google listing

Dickon Wrote:
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The main reason is because you have no back links.
You need to be listed somewhere for the google bots, (or any robots for
that matter), to find you and index your pages.

You need to do link exchange with similar websites, or submit your site
to directories.
Another good way of getting back links is to publish articles.

Submitting to search engines does not really work anymore.
Incidentally, now that you have posted your link here you will probably
see robots coming to visit more, (that is why most of us have links in
our signatures :) ).


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Re: No Google listing

Just keep adding your ur


Sometimes it will take ages to get listed, some of my project site
took about 2-3months. Youll soon know when you will get a listin
becuase you will get a pagerank.

If you want to get a few free links back to your site then why not hav
them in your signiture, lots of sites do not allow this, but some do
Im sure if you help people on a forum, then links in the sig are no
going to hurt


*Kind Regards


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Re: No Google listing


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No. You may add your site hundred times and not get listed without
links. One good external link works much faster and is much more
efficient. Read on.

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No. You can be listed without PR above 0. In fact that's normal
situation for a new site. PR is updated every two-three months.
I have a site that started November 26th. For my target KW (mildly
competitive) it is not visible, and I not expect it to be visible at
least till September, when it should leave sandbox. All pages have
reorted PR 0, as there was no PR update in between. Yet for some phrases
I am already in first ten (I have even visitors from Google). Real PR
of pages is probably higher, as according to Googleguy PR is calculated
all the time, just not reported.

To add more: I have not submitted this site to Google. One good link
 from my other site was enough to get spidered and listed in Google
results - I was first visible on December 6th. Right now whole site
is spidered and indexed.

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Yes :)


Re: No Google listing

Ayon kay Borek:
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why not use google sitemap instead...
if you dont have google account here is some gmail account invitation

for sitemap generator try this...

Re: No Google listing

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Instead of what? Of getting inbound links to start Google
spidering? It will not work. Sitemap makes sense as a
suplementary solution, but sitemap as such doesn't guarantee
spidering and indexing, just like submission doesn't guarantee


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