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Hi .

Whats the use of No follow tag ? .Where & Why we use these tag ?


Re: No-Follow Tag

rajesh kumar ( wrote:
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***   If one has a website and uses the robots `No Follow' meta tag on a
given page, search engines will index that page but stop there. (The
search engine will continue to crawl the remainder of the website,

   The purpose of stopping the crawler might be desired on an "External
Links" page. Those links are outside of one's website and not part of it.
Keeping the crawler on one's site and not allowing it to follow
unnecessary links makes for efficiency and ensures that your site will be
more likely to be completely indexed.

   Regarding the latter point, there may be issues with search engines if
one's site has too many links. Once a quota is reached, the crawler might
leave the site and not index the remaining pages. I don't know if this is
still the case with any search engine today. Nonetheless, why
"clutter" the crawler with links that are not even yours?

         Richard Bonner /

Re: No-Follow Tag

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There is no such thing a a no follow tag, but there is a meta element,
which can have a type of Robots and content of No Follow. You can also
use the rel attribute in the a element for specific urls.

Conforming robots will obey the directive and not follow any links on the
page.  As Richard said earlier in the thread, you might want to do this
for a page with a lot of external links.

If you have links to the same content within a page, for example, Style 1
and Style 2, you don't want the poor bot going crazy, so you would use
the link element, with the rel attribute of canonical and href of the
page itself.

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