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Hi...Ok I had a lapse. I read an aticle on the CNN site that might be of
interest to committed Google watchers.
I did ten years of hard time as a corporate engineering wage slave once
years ago and have retained a healthy skepticism about anything a head of
state or ceo says in an interview.  This and other forums however indicate
many feel this type of information is of interest so for what it's worth I
posted it.  One of the "Wunderkinder" founders had this comment about what
I guess is now the "Brandy" update:
"In its latest makeover, Google also tweaked the closely guarded formula

determines which Web sites are most relevant to a search request.
Google has made five significant changes to its algorithmic formulas in the
last two

weeks, Brin said."
Sorry about the formatting if this comes out as badly as it did on my
console. Sometimes Xnews just has a mind of it's own but I love it anyway.
Regards,  Nick  

Re: News Item for Googleholics

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I don't know why there has to be an out and out competition between Google
and Yahoo. There's a need for both types of services as they were initally
intended to be, search engine and directory. I used to run some small web
searching classes a few years back when Altavista was in fashion. I would
direct students to Yahoo to get a human reviewed and categorised view of a
topic and then move onto the likes of Altavista for more information. Things
go pear shaped when a directory tries to beat the search engines at their
own game, and vice versa with the top search engines trying to be
directories/portals. Stick to what you were good at and everyone will be


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