Newbie- site review please

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Hi all. Been following this newsgroup for two weeks now. Lots of good info
and suggestions.
Thanks to all who know the ropes. Sad to say I'm still at a loss in many

I am very limited in my knowledge of SEO, website construction and html, but
was able to construct our business website about 6 years ago, keeping it
current, and have been blessed with decent SE Rankings on the whole until
recently - we have dropped like a rock, especially in Google.

Our site had usually been in the top 15 on many SE, using terms like "custom
printed t-shirts; custom t-shirts, printed t-shirts, family reunion

Hiring a SEO company seems out of our budget - at $5.00+ per unit selling
price we have to sell a heck of a large quantity to justify paying for
optimization cost of $1000.00 or more. Yes, it may help increase sales in
the long term, but upfront money is required by most SEO companies.

My goal was (is) to have a site that is easy to use and load, no flash,
etc., concise yet complete with all necessary info for potential customers -
nothing fancy, but complete, user friendly and "find-able" by searchers.

SO, was hoping someone had some free time to check our website and give
feedback as to all the bad points that need improving. Maybe even a little
hint as to how to do same. I think our page content,
title, keywords, and layout is ok. I know we need more incoming links and am
working on this.

Thanks to posts from CW (Carol), Stacey, Big Bill, Will and others I have
obtained info that was recommended, but still do not understand how to
improve our site for rankings. Sorry to say I don't even understand some of
the terms you people use in this newsgroup; ie: SERPs, Anchor Link, Algo,
Google Adsense, to mention a few.

I appreciate your time and expertise.

Thank you,

Re: Newbie- site review please


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Search Engine Result Placement or Page.

Basically - where you land at for that keyword/phrase.

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<a href="url">Anchor Text</a>

[the "a" in "a href=""" is actually a shortening of the word "anchor"
;) ]

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Short for Algorithem - which, in my wording-style, is the little bits
search engines use to create a formula, per se, on how your site will
rank or land at in your SERPs. Google claims that there are 100+ bits
in their algorithem ... so PR [page rank] is only 1 out of 100+ bits
of that algorithem, meaning you can strike gold with one of those
other ones or hitting upon a combination that works with your PR
enough to help you move up.

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An affiliate program, per se. You sign up - Google looks over your
site; if approved then you can put a snippet of javascript on your
site that shares advertisements that you can earn some pin money if
people click on them. Adsense ads shared are tried to be based on that
page's contents. So if you have a t-shirt site and most of your pages
is rich about t-shirt trivia or content ... then odds are high that
Google Adsense would share t-shirt theme ads.


Re: Newbie- site review please

Hi Lewis,


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How recent? Is there an approx. date? Did you loose any links from other
sites? Which is why I wanted to know the approx. date to see if it matched
the date of the last backlinks update etc.

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With Google's ever change algo(Carol explained what this is) you have to
make changes accordingly. What worked last month might not work now. Your
site isn't new so that isn't a problem.

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Understand that myself!

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customers -
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Normally, less fancy sites work better. Especially for the SE robots.
Simplicity is the key.

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Yes, that you do need links. The ones that I have found also doesn't have
anchor text(Carol explained also) needed to get you to the top. Keywords in
the hyper text like *custom t-shrits*. Shorten up your title some. The *free
designs online at asapshirt*  is not needed and is weighing down the
relevancy of  of your targeted words.

You have to much in your headings:Custom t-shirts for family reunions and
more with free designs and online ordering with free shipping.-----You have
this as an h1 ok, but might be better as *Custom t-shirts for all occasions
with free designs and shipping.* You also have an logo image that you could
link to your products page and put in alt text that says -ASAP Custom
T-Shirts. Remember you have to have the link on the image.

This next heading you also have it as an h1----Custom t-shirts screen
printed at discount prices. Printed t-shirts, custom aprons, bumper
stickers, embroidered caps and sweat shirts. Fast printing service, no
hassels, online prices. Family reunion t-shirts are our speciality---- This
seems to be a bit much. Make an h2 as Printed T-Shirts at Discount Prices-
underneath this heading make a paragraph explaining the t-shirts.

Get rid of the meta tags that aren't needed. Keywords and description is all
you need. You can change you description a little as it looks to be more
about free than t-shirts to me.

Anyway, I think this might get you started in the right direction.

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You welcome! At least someone likes me. :-)


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