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I hope you seo expert could clear my questions.

First, of all, I have a domain name: (as an
example). It's a new domain. The purpose of this domain name is to
promote my software product. Thus, I have submitted my software
product to a lot of shareware lib (,, etc.).

My questions :

(1) Do I need to "manually" submit my domain name to ?
Because, if I search "MyCoolSoftware" in Google, I got quite a lot
results, from all shareware lib website that listed my software

Does it means that Google has already indexed my domain name ?

(2) If I have to manually submit my domain name to Google via this URL

What kind of format should I use in the "Comments" ?
Space or comma separated ?
May I repeat a word ? "photo album, photo album software, digital
photo album software" or "digital photo album software" or "digital,
photo, album, software" ?

(3) If I check my pagerank from ,
my domain name pagerank is 0 (zero). If I search
"", I got nothing. Why? Because if I
searched "MyCoolSoftware" in Google, I got a lot of results (because
it is listed in a lot of shareware lib website).

(4) For inbound links to be counted by Google, should it be in the
"main page" of other website ?

(5) If I check using link popularity , Google give 0 result, but
others not. Does this means that other than Google, they have indexed
my domain name?

I have not submitted my domain name to any search engine. Is it

Sorry for asking too much questions,


Re: Newbie questions

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If your site appears in Google, then you are already indexed to some extent
and there is no need to "re-submit".
You might try typing in to see what pages
Google has included.

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It means Google has already indexed some or all of your site.

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No need.

If you have Google toolbar, it will show you what Google wants to show you
as far as Page Rank.  That is the most reliable source of PR info.
You can rank well with little PR if your keywords are pretty easy.  ALSO...
Google seems to make it a habit to keep our newly indexed pages at 0 PRfor a
few months even though they can rank #1 for their terms.

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it doesn't matter...but try to get IBL's from pages that have a PR of 4 or
better.  Google counts them all, no matter what the PR but the higher the
PR, the fewer pages you have to have link to you to get good placement.

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No, it means that Google doesn't count IBL's the way other engines do. They
usually show ONLY PR4 and higher whereas other engines can show all IBL's.

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No.  All engines will pick you up in a few weeks if you get a link or two
from a PR4 or better site.

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Re: Newbie questions

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## Only if your domain urls appear. If you havent submitted your site,
may have indexed it by following the links from other sites.

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The "comments" box is not included in any part of your site, its not the
or anything, just a summary of what you site is about for the google people.


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