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Sorry for naive question....but I understand that one of the ways to
"submit" to Inktomi is to use one of their paid search partners.

Well, my question is that once you have done that, is there anyway to
"fine-tune" your submission? For example, lets say I submitted my
website, and it now shows up on "page two" of the search results. HOW
does one go about "fine-tuning" it so that it ends up on page one of the

Re: newbie INKTOMI question

Carl Wan wrote:
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When you pay Inktomi it's only just to be able to play their seo game.
It won't get you any ranking what so ever and you still have to figure
it out. I hear it's a tough as google to figure out too. The only way
you can get guaranteed high up page one listing at inktomi is to buy a
sponsered ad which costs $1,000 per url per month approx and sometimes
more! Can you afford $1,000 per site per month? If you can I'm green
with envy because I only make that much a month from my sites and that's
only when I'm doing extra good.

Yahoo it appears will continue with this and pretty much will stop being
a free search engine. They will be paid results only and very expensive
just like Overture was which they now on.

So let's back track a little on the subject of paid results search
engines history:

1. GoTo a great free search engine gets bought out by some company that
knows nothing about the internet and decides that search engines
shouldn't be free and starts to charge to list sites. They do so badly
that they seel out to a new company called Overture, another business
non internet that knows nothing about the internet.

2. Overture does so badly they sell out to Yahoo.

3. Yahoo buys Overture's failed search engine and plans to continue the
same failed practice of trying to charge sites to be listed at their
search engine.

This is beautiful. I love it. It's like the dumb leading the dumb. I
would predict by this time next year Yahoo will join goto, and overture
in R.I.P land and they rightly deserve it!

As much as I hate google spam I hate ppc's 1000 times more!

Re: newbie INKTOMI question

You only have to pay to submit the homepage of your site, the rest of the
site will then be crawled. The good thing is that if you pay your site will
be refreshed every 48 hours. So if you make a change the changes will be
crawled, noted and indexed in "48 hours" (I think that's a little optimistic
but its not that much off).

The one thing that Inktomi gives is it gives more reliance on page density
than Google. The answer is "anchor text" and incoming links for Google and
AOL, content for Yahoo and MSN and whatever happens you'll get in front of
92% of the searching public. Easy really :)


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If the method of getting preview results (see previous thread) is
correct, Yahoo results are not restricted to sites who paid. I haven't
paid for but it's found for offline browser etc.

Possibly none of the other sites for that term paid either

David. 1keytools.

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I'm in Yahoo and never paid. Same with MSN.
I'm getting slurped by Inktomi on a weekly basis and have been for over a year,
even though I rarely change anything on my site.
I'm showing 19 "slurps" already this month.
web design, print design, photography

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Sam wrote:

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of the

You go to all this trouble for a lousy $1000 a month. Holy shit you are
crazier than I though. All the ranting, raving, spamming,causing people
grief and acting like a lunatic for a measly $1000. Go get a real job.

Re: newbie INKTOMI question

Once you submit your site, they spider it every 10 days or so.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine

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Re: newbie INKTOMI question

Hello Carl
You can structure the page properly and change the keyword density of
different parts of the code and text. Another good deal with the
inktomi paid inclusion is that it allows you to optimize a page and
then switch the refresh service over to another page on that site.

aaron wall

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