Newbie here, lots of questions

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I suppose I'll just lay my questions out for you right away here...

1) Can you point me to a web site with current SEO information?  I
understrand a lot of sites out there are outdated.

2) I see a lot of references to ww5 ww6 when people talk about google.
Should I be suggesting my site to all of googles web servers?  Or just one?

3) Is there a magic formula for google's pagerank system?  I've
installed the toolbar and so far I don't see much rhyme or reason to it.
  My current site has a rank of 0/10 and I immediately see some obvious
things that should help it out, but my highest ranked competitors have a
3/10 and they don't have much but a few keywords stuffed into marquee
tags, metatags, and title - with only one outside link to them.  I'm
surprised that they even got a 3/10 without much REAL relevant content.

4) Are paid yahoo category inclusions worth the money?  I'm thinking (at
least for us) that they are because we would be thrown in the top of
yahoo's rankings.  Currently, for my keywords, there are no sites that
pop up from yahoo's directory (they look to be the same results as google)

Thanks in advance for helping me out,

Re: Newbie here, lots of questions

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Here are a few. / / / / / /

Re: Newbie here, lots of questions

You can spend money or do the work.  Get listed in googles unpaid results
and you will go far. Get listed in DMOZ and you will go far as well.
Inktomi is where I would spend my money for the following reasons:
msn is moving away from looksmart and more than likey go with inktomi
not sure how long google will provide results for yahoo and the most logical
move is for all properites owned by yahoo which is overture, inktomi,
alltheweb, altavista to use the same directory.  Thats my story and I am
stickin to it.:)  Happy New Year
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Re: Newbie here, lots of questions

Here are two of the ones I would recommend for a list of upto date articles. for great forum boards.
The others lited above are very good also, good luck.

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