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I came to this newsgroup looking for a recommendation for a search
engine other than Google. I've read about 200+ messages on this
newsgroup and all I see is Google.

I'm totally frustrated with Google. I estimate that out of 50 Google
searches, I might find what I'm looking for ONCE! In most cases the
best answer is 20 to 30 entries down from the top. I'm really not too
much of a dummy, either. I generally try several synonyms before I
give up.

From reading this newsgroup, I know that most of you are jockeying for
top listings. Does that help me in finding the information that I am
looking for?

Stupid newbie question: what is the significance of ‘Florida'?


Re: Newbie has questions

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Unfortunately there isn't one I could recommend.

Most (all?) the other big names will either show gogle results or put
the guy who paid them the most at the top of their 'results' (I.e. not
sown as a sponsored result / adwords result but just given a higher
position because they paid).

Anyone here have a prediction of when a new SE comes along with a
plain simple interface, no sponsored ads at the top of the listing, no
paid listings. 'Revolutionary' idea and might be worth 20 Billion in 5
years what are those venture capitalists doing these days??!!??

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Try searching for 3 or 4 words rather than one or two.
Adding words to your search terms will include sites that have been
penalised (justly and unjustly) but which have the words you are
looking for. It should also narrow down your search (remove the sites
without the extra words).

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For the folk jostling for top listings for terms that match their
site-product, yes it does. For those jostling for top listings for
irrelevant sites on terms that happen to be popular, no it doesn't.
Don't think anyone here admits to doing that.

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Leave that one to the experts....

(Not an SEO)

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Re: Newbie has questions

escreveu na mensagem
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Maybe you should try more "regional" SEs: for europe I like and
I do my searches in various SEs (commonly AltaVista, DMOZ and some other
Lycos, Teoma, ...)

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Florida comes from Spanish: flor (flower/blossom) and means something like
"the one full of blossoms"

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Re: Newbie has questions

Leo stated:

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The reason why this is almost exclusively google is the fact that most
people use this engine in some form or other when they do a search.

Many of us "jockeys" like you find it frustrating when they see a site
listed before them that they know is not as good ( I know this is always
subjective, but some are very obvious like you have found out for yourself).
Far from making things worse SEO activity when used within rules actually
makes things better - I know there are always the rogues who use techniques
to blitz searches but these are being weeded out by google hopefully.

It is well known that google is currently undergoing change (as all search
engines do from time to time) and things may be a little strange for a

You quote figures for your searches but what are the figures for the same
searches on other search engines? It always helps if you can use any
addtional search facilities of an engine - have you tried the advanced
search option in google?

Re: Newbie has questions

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Copernic < uses multiple SE and allows you to
select which ones you want.
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Re: Newbie has questions

I use Google mostly, I guess you could try


Qnom: Domain Name WHOIS

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