New website and googlebot

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Hi again today :)

I have something I cannot understand here.

I have had this new website for a week now, and from the stats provided by
my host, I can see googlebot made 35 unique visits in a week!

Additionally, I use google sitemaps and have an account there. Surprisingly,
there is no data on my website, so I suppose it has not been indexed yet.
Why is that ig googlebot had visited my website 35 times in a week?

From information in my google sitemaps account I can see my .robots.txt file
has not been found. This is also visible in my site stats as errors
accessing robots.txt file. Well, this is pretty strange as in my google
sitemaps account the exact url is listed like ''
and when clicked leads to the file. Why is it listed as an error when google
is already in possesion of robots.txt address? Additionally, few days back
it was clearly stated on google sitemap account that robots.txt file is ok.

Maybe what I have described above is normal, but not for me, yet.
Anyone could explain?



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