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If anyone is interested, there is a new, free UK business directory
available at .


Re: New UK Business Directory

I like the site.  Keep moving forward on this!!!  There has to be a
better way to search for local businesses/web sites online than the
bad UIs and data in the currently online yellow pages.  Your idea of
simplification is moving in the right direction.  We are working on a
local search protocol ourselves to simplify the local search process
when searching from a traditional search engine.  We hope that this
protocol will eventually get adapted by the search industry.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine (Matthew Hall) wrote in message
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Re: New UK Business Directory

Thanks for the feedback Kimberly!

It has always been a goal of ours to develop an interface that is both
clear, yet simple to use. Many of our customers cite this as a
distinct advantage we have over our competitors that and the ability
to enter a more complete set of contact and descriptive details.

Kazazz is looking really good! I particularly like the integration of
many different types of data from other search engines bringing them
together in one set of results gives a very content rich results page.

Good luck!

Matthew Hall (Kimberly Lauren) wrote in message
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Re: New UK Business Directory

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your comments on KaZaZZ!  However,  I cannot take the
credit for the vision of the company; I am currently the V.P. of
Business Development for KaZaZZ!  We have been blessed to have a great
CEO by the name of Karl Hall, that is very talented, intelligent,
energetic and has done a great job of understanding the search
business as a whole, how consumers search for information, and most
importantly, the economic of search.   His vision is really starting
to pay off as we are seeing a significant "day over day", "week over
week" and "month over month" growth in searches, searches per
visitors, unique visitors and overall page views.

Thanks again!!

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine

P.S. You both have the same last name, maybe you are related. (Matthew Hall) wrote in message
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