New site or build on old?

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Hi I have a language learning site. - its  PR5
a  4.5 years old.   My target keywords are learn spanish, learn
french, learn polish, learn russian etc.

I do not do super in many of my keywords because I have so many
languages hence keyword variations in a field that has a lot of
competition.   But get traffic from other sources.

Choice A:
So what I was thinking was buying a new domain like
learnspanish.something    then I could create a site only for learn

Choice B:
 or do you think  it would be better to create a page one click off my
homepage that would be a learn spanish page and build large content
from that would be 3 then 4 clicks from my homepage?  then do the same
for russian etc?

What is better choose the option A or B?

Thank Mark

Re: New site or build on old? wrote:
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Have to say , use the trust the main page has built up as a nice boost
and just crack on with good links to the home and specifc pages.

Or poss chip a bit in for a good SEO to help a bit as with a PR5 cant be
amazingly hard to rank for languages key phrases.

Hi, all if people know me.. I got my city break and work for Direct
Traffic ( - now as Publisher

My thoughts anyway, I mean a new site is fine but now with the power
that has id use that, as with very high trust rank sites piggy backing
works a treat if G.



Re: New site or build on old?

On Aug 28, 7:23 am, wrote:

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It make sense to me to create different domains for the various
languages. I'd keep claritaslux as the main distribution center for a
network of obviously different web sites.


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