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Hi Group,

    Another in my long line of endless questions...

    My previously mentioned site:
is now about five weeks old.

    It is well ranked in both MSN (uk) and Yahoo (uk), for wooden
windows and/or wooden doors, and both sites are sending a small amount
of traffic. (Surprisingly - at least to me - I've had two referreals
from the bbc's search facility).

    As of now, it doesn't show in searches for those keywords in
google (uk), down to 1000 results - which is what I would expect,
having read about the usual progression of new sites in google.

    However, if one searches for "Vitek", which is a secondary
keyword target, then it comes up in first place out of 33,000 odd
pages. Similar things are true if one searches for "sliding folding
door" for example, and I had a referral from google yesterday for the
search expression "wooden factory finished" - which is something I
would never thought to have searched for, I believe that that
expression only appears in the whole site (five pages) once...

    So, why does google rank it well in its serps for some minor
keywords, but not at all (yet!) for its targeted keywords?

    It appears that google works out what the site's true niche is,
and deliberately ignores it for its primary search terms, whilst not
bothering with incidental keywords.

    There could be some mileage in this, to deliberately pitch a new
site to be found for secondary keywords, adjusting the targetted
keywords when the site begins to rank properley?

    If that makes any sense...



Re: New (ish) site - google serps

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As to 'why' - don't believe anyone who will claim he knows 'why'.

But what you observe is absolutely standard, all sites I have seen (and  
many I have heard off) behaved exactly this way while sandboxed. They  
appeared in G searches for some obscure phrases, but not for targeted KWs.  
IMHO it means you are on the right track :)


Re: New (ish) site - google serps

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They used to use a modified version of Google results so you'd
naturally be appearing high there briefly.

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Yeah, you'll be popping up unexpectedly for phrases you wouldn't have
thought of, that's normal too.

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Possibly a consequence of Google expanding its index. This is not a
new phenomenon, merely recent.

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Mmmm, that'd be about it.

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Bingo! Big cigar to the gent in the suit.

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It might. Are you wearing a suit?

--       Gifty! Shiny! BB!  

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