New Google Dance Jan 24 - Austin

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Hi you all.

Want to thankyou for helping Jill out while I was gone. She thinks our
site dropping is her fault, but I told her that the search engine
market is unstable right now.

After Florida, I got all my sites back to the top. The last few days,
things have been slipping and today they dropped out of sight again.

I did some research and found  only this:

update Austin - Google Update Jan 24, 2004 Posted in WebmasterWorld
Supporters Forum.

Well, I'm not a member of WebmasterWorld so I couldn't check it out. I
was wondering if anyone out there has any more insight. Any changes
going on with google for anyone else in the last few days?

Wow, if this is another dance after Florida, I'm going to drop from
exhaustion trying to keep up. Any feed back or insight, I'd appreciate


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