New Google, Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile Mashup Search Engine w/ chat & video

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures! is a multi driven mashup search page where users
can share information and assist others in an immediate and real-time
exchange using site wide chat.

See the introduction video on YouTube:

The Daily Search is our response to the question "What if Google put a
video player and chat box on their main page?" The answer is, owing to
all the activity the Google home page gets in a typical day, it would
come alive. It would be a hub of visibility and exchange, a living,
breathing internet city abuzz with activity and teeming with motion
and probably a lot more fun than it is now.

We encourage you to set it as your home page or just drop by to plug
your site (no adult sites, please) in our chat box or say"hello".

Link: /.

If you want to share videos with your friends via the chat box, see
this page on how to find the unique video identifier for your video
and paste it into the chat box:

Help us spread the word about The Daily Search by telling your friends
and family to set it as their home page. If you have a blog then give
us a mention. Or put the following text in your email signature: - Where Search Meets Chat.

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