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Having problems with Google's latest algo change, anybody else? Waht's
happened with me it seems that the new algo doesn't like hyphenated
domains. For example take the domain and the
site has the same meta title and page header as 'Blue Suede Shoes'.
Before if you typed the title into google it was number 1 on page 1 and
on page 3 of 'shoes'. Now it has droped to page 6 of 'shoes' but droped
to number 800 for the title search 'Blue Suede Shoes'. However if I put
quotes around the title "Blue Suede Shoes" it still comes up number 1 on
page 1. I also tried without quotes searching with Blue-Suede-Shoes
using dashes like a hyphenated domain and that also comes up on page 1
number 1. It's only when you search without quotes or dashes between the
words that it no loner comes up and has dramatically dropped. Any ideas
how to get it back again? Is there some type of text or link text I
should add on the page that might bring it back?

Re: New Google Algo Change

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We have noticed a drop in US visitors not sure if it is the - or
personalized search results by  Google which they put in place in

  Google is now filtering out none US domains in search
results for US users,  if you do a search on from a UK IP
address you get very different results than from a US IP address this
has only happened over the last few months.



Re: New Google Algo Change

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I'm not seeing the site at all.


Re: New Google Algo Change

Lana wrote:
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I am not even seeing a cached copy of the page.

Nothing at all for site:domain search either.

Has your traffic dried up completely now?


Re: New Google Algo Change

Jez wrote:
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OP does not want to spam his site here so he made up an example site
with hyphens.

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