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Hello all,

Altough i have in one of my sites dinamic urls, google seems to like
them since they are all indexed.
At this moment i need to improve the database of the site and i am
thinking what i should do regarding the already indexed pages.

Someone told me that it could be possible to apply a mod rewrite and
still maintain the old dinamic urls of the pages. So, if i understood
well, the same page would have 2 links: one with the mod rewrite and
one without.....
I appreciatte your comments about this and also suggestions about what
path should i follow in order to be able to improve the site that has
15.000 pages indexed to google.

One other thing: the forum at the site is quite old and i am thinking
about adopting a new solution for the new posts...i am thinking about
phpbb. Is this a good script in terms of search engines index,
especially google?

One final question: why only google index my pages? I mean, yahoo and
msn only have like a few hundred pages has a gew google that good or are the others that bad?


Re: new design for site

Ltd wrote:

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It is possible to do that, but it's not a good idea.  If you rewrite them,
redirect the old URLs to the new URLs with 301 redirects.  One page of
content should only have one possible URL.

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Can you provide a link to your site?

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Watch out for PHP session IDs with PHPbb.  There are "hacks" or "mods" to
make phpbb more SE friendly, but it seems like a rough solution.  Look into
vBulletin with the vbSEO add-on.  I haven't used it, but from a quick
glance it looks interesting.

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