New content with CSS?

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Hello Everyone,

In another post I talked about bringing news topics into a primary landing
page using PHP. The idea is to add timely and fresh content to the page in
the hopes of increasing SERPS.

I did a test page with this idea implemented at .

Note that the news articles come from two of our blogs that we host.

What do you think of this from an SEO viewpoint?



Re: New content with CSS?

ergobob wrote:

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You have added some keywords with the feeds, but you have also added
20-some links out in every one of the scrolling windows. What could have
helped is when you have headlines on the home page, then links to internal
pages ON YOUR SITE with short stories and only from there links outside to
the content provider. SERP boost (if any) will be very unpredictable, and
will jump up and down all the time because the content in the feed is
changing rapidly, basically every visit the bot will encounter different
content. Try to find a way to cache this content locally and expire it
only after bot has been there several times (which could mean couple
months for some obscure sites, unfortunately)
My 2c worth.

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Re: New content with CSS?

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 23:11:04 GMT, "ergobob"

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No different than I did the last time we talked about it. Fresh
content is not the same as additional content. Being spidered more
often is not the same as being ranked higher.


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Re: New content with CSS?

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Hi Bill,

Yes, I got the distinction you made from last time. I thought that was very
astute of you.

I see the frequently changing content, even though it does replace itself,
as being better than no changing content. First, it does add more and new
keywords in different context on the page. Second, it works automatically so
there is no overhead for it. Third, I get a lot of links going up and back.
Fourth, I think it may attract more readers to the news blog. Fifth, there
is an element of add-on content in that all the links point to a permalink
which permanently adds new pages to the site (this comes close to additional
material but it's not on the same page.)

So I don't see any down side to doing it even though it is not as good as
continuously "adding" more content.

Do you agree with that logic?

Thanks Bill,


Re: New content with CSS?

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 15:50:23 GMT, "ergobob"

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Won't hurt.

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