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In my search where my sites are all that's ther now from site #1 to
approx site 400 is blogs that happen to have mentioned my key word once,
guestbooks, and serious non adult sites on my search keywords but no
real adult sites on the subject before about url number 400. I'm
assuming it is like this in all searches that have been effected by this
new algo change or just some google screwup. I have the answer to this
and a new back door into google or just a way of getting them to stop
all this and here it is:

I have 9 sites total and most of them were high up (2 on page one, 2 on
page 2 and then on down before last week. But I also had gotten a web
blog at blogspot and one of those free adult guestbooks you sign up for.
My best highest pr6 site is on page 9 but my free guestbook is on page 5
and my free blogspot blog is on page 3 right now. The blog just turned
to a pr4 and the guestbook has about a pr0 because I haven't real done
anything to promote either of them.

The answer is right there is my last pargraph if the lightbulb went on
in your head? No it didn't? Then I'll explain in simple black and white
what you need to do to get back to page one again. Since google is
ignoring regular sites but promoting blogs, guestbooks, and serious
sites all you have to do is give them what they want. Get it yet? No?
You spend your time and energy creating blogs, guestbooks, and serious
sites and promote them through memberlists, blog comments, guestbooks,
and internal page creation and get them into high pr land just like you
were doing with your websites. Forget your websites and promoting them
if this algo sticks around. It won't make any difference if they're pr0
or pr10 any longer as far as you're concerned. get the guestbooks,
blogs, serious sites to high pr like you used to do with your regular
websites. Now the important part; Add links on your high pr blogs,
guestbooks, serious sites to your real sites. Now do you get it!?

If google wants to play games fine, we can play the same little game
right back at them. So it looks like it's a new age on the web. the age
of blogs, guestbooks, and serious sites and real websites arein the
background and something you link to from your blog or guestbook.

Re: New Back Door To Google

Or you could just create content...

Re: New Back Door To Google

Will Spencer wrote:
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Content won't get you anywhere with the new google change. They could
care in the least about content. But appearently you are in a search
area that hasn't been effected by it or you wouldn't be saying that.

Re: New Back Door To Google

Sam wrote:

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Appearantly you don't work with sites that have content or you wouldn't
be saying that.

Nearly all my sites operate in area's that have been effected by the new
changes... and guess what: all are still performing great. Many even
better that before the recent changes on Google. Because they have
content and many spammer have gone from SERP 1 to nowhere.

And I must say: I haven't hear anybody complaining about those changes
who has sites with content. Just the ones that make a business of
creating sites for Google (instead of making sites for their visitors)
are moaning. I guess Google couldn't care less and is just watching
their back door to kick 'em out again and again.


Re: New Back Door To Google

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Most of my sites are relatively text-heavy, so plenty of spider-food. Some
slight changes, but mostly they have stayed steady. I continue to get visitors
at the same levels after the Florida update as before.

I hear it said that commercial areas have seen big changes. Does anyone have
any keyword examples where the results have got really spammy?

Alice Woolley /
Inside the Bubble - autism information

Re: New Back Door To Google


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I've heard several *searchers* complaining that they can't find products
any more, only empty review sites with no unique content.

Yesterday someone was bending my ear about 'all the good sites' being on
pages 3+.  This was not an SEO, just someone who wanted to buy a domestic
air conditioning unit, and use Google to find a supplier.  

And most of the sites I look after are doing better or have not moved after
the changes.

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