Need some therapy?

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Need some therapy? Yahoo is your friend.


Re: Need some therapy?

__/ [ T.J. ] on Saturday 08 July 2006 09:30 \__

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This is really bizarre. Is this a correction or an affiliate link?

See results for: yahoo


Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Search - Web Search  

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Re: Need some therapy?

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It is a real Google search!:-)


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Re: Need some therapy?

__/ [ Stacey ] on Saturday 08 July 2006 14:24 \__

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Afterwards, I thought it was blog-worthy too...

Re: Need some therapy?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Good idea, that's a good example to keep handy too; maybe sub-title it

Incredibly Bizarre World of Google Results

How odd eh? I wonder if it is Yahoo that forced its way into the centre
of the first SERP like that or if it's a hole that Google left open,
left open for them like an ad space of some kind.

Hmmm. After smokin' another one I thought : Why couldn't Google have
enough power to force Hallowe'en to come early. There's a real bummer'
thought. Trick or Treat - Google in the middle of your summer ... wait
... I think I'm messed up a bit ...



Re: Need some therapy?

notice there are bars around the 3 results?

looks like a "sponsored" type of result modifier

Re: Need some therapy?

__/ [ ] on Sunday 09 July 2006 11:39 \__

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Yes, I noticed that. However, they should often be diverse in terms of the
advertiser (never seen 3 from the same domain registrant), be relevant, and
reflect on financial interests. This is just too awkward and there is no
rational explanation that I can think of.

It is likely to be a case of 'Buggeration'. Could we soon see lowercase
buggeration in Webster. Or 'pulling a google', meaning "the process wherein
one deals with zillions (googols) of useless pieces of information (as in
subdomain SPAM)".

Hey! Check it out. Wikipedia is fast.

,----[ Quote ]
| The verb, "to google," was officially added to both the Merriam
| Webster Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary in
| July, 2006, as a verb meaning, "to use the Google search engine to
| obtain information on the Internet."[4][5]

Re: Need some therapy?

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You mean like this ?

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