need help collecting judgment against

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Last March cold called my cellular phone in
violation of federal law (TCPA). I had my final court case last week
and received a $5000 judgment against them.

After the period to contest the judgment is passed, I
will have to start collection procedures. It will be a lot easier to
collect if I have a source for the money. If anyone has ever paid
anything to either through a check, bank
transfer, or some other traceable means, then I would very much
appreciate your contacting me. Once I find their bank account, then I
can just get a court order for the bank to pay using money from the
company account.

I am willing to offer a finder's fee of $200 to the first person able
to provide the information that leads to a valid account through which
a writ of execution obtains the money.

My email address is valid until I get too much spam from the
harvesters and I have to kill the account.

Re: need help collecting judgment against

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 00:28:24 GMT, wrote:

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How many judgements does Traffic-Power have against them now? And have
they paid any of them? I am constantly reading people complaining
about that company - but I don't think I read someone yet saying they
got their money back.


Re: need help collecting judgment against

I am unsure as I have mentioned this before, but had not heard from
anyone. I had one person kindly reply to me already that may have had
a check that will lead to their account. A Writ of Execution served on
the bank would require them to pay out a judgment. If I am able to
collect even part of the judgment, I will pay out the finder's fee and
will then share any information about the company. If the bank account
info cannot be found, then a Writ of Execution against the company
offices will be served by the Las Vegas Sheriff.

I probably would not have gone after the company had they not simply
ignored every single contact. My research prior to filing lead me to
believe they are an unethical company with no qualms about putting
their clients at risk as long as they are able to momentarily benefit.

Again, if anyone has any information concerning the company, then
please let me know. If you have a judgment against them, then also
contact me and I will share what I have.

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 03:31:24 GMT, in you

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