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Hello All

I need to create some subdomains for a site, so that I can closely target
certain types of customer with a more specific sales pitch or more specific
information.  As far as I can see it would also make it easier to gain
inbound links from sites with a slightly wider theme and who may not have
wanted to link to the main site.

I just wanted to ask the ones of you who use sub-domains (David springs to
mind,) about the pitfalls and problems that I may come across with cross
linking sub-domains, inter-linking sub-domains with the main domain and
anything I need to be careful about.

Re: Need Advice on Sub-Domains


I will give you some positive aspects of creating sub-domains and let
someone else fill you in on what you may need to be careful of...

Sub-Domains are good... and Google Loves them!

If you have unique content, choose a sub-domain over a sub-directory

Think about it this way... Google is looking for the most relevent
material possible.  Everytime Google has to drill-down to a new
sub-directory on your server, they are going to consider that
information slightly less relevent that the information in the previous
directory.  Whereas a sub-domain appears like top-level content to
Google and therefore must be more relevent.

My caution with this is like anything in SEO.... Don't abuse your
powers :)

Make sure that your sub-domains have unique content.  If they do, then
you can only benefit...

Re: Need Advice on Sub-Domains

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Thanks for that Michael, yes it makes sense as far as drilling down through
sub-directories etc..

Re: Need Advice on Sub-Domains

On Thu, 8 Sep 2005 08:41:12 +0000 (UTC), "small mouse"

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Benefits are as you say potential for more links, also each sub domain
is treated as a separate site by Google etc... so you can get multiple
listings for the same serp. Check out the 'SEO SERPs' SERP to see what
I mean-,GGLD:2005-16,GGLD:en&q=seo+serps

The problem is in my experience sub domains are treated exactly the
same as newly registered sites when it comes to ranking and so you'll
have a 6+ month wait for good rankings no matter what you do.

Take these two sites/site sections- / /

Both are days old in terms of the current content/pages, but both sub
domains have been indexed for over a year in Google with a PR6 home
page since the first PR update, the latter dropped to PR5 last update
when I removed most links to it (have added new ones since).

The first is a new section to the sub domain. Check out obvious SERPs
and you'll see the site has automatically took loads of relevant and
not so easy SERPs.

The second was originally just the home page, have added a store to
it, again check out relevant SERPs and again it's took relevant SERPs
right away.

When I've created similar content on newly registered domains they
have performed poorly in Google (I'm basing this on a LOT of new
domains with thousands of pages each). Most of my sites are on pre
year old domains and they all rank poorly (generally under 500
visitors a day). Stuff that's over a year old with at least a PR5 home
page and they do well (thousands of visitors a day). Can't wait for
all my sites to be over a year old :-)

Hmm, what I haven't tried is registering another sub domain under recently (all are a year plus old) to be 100%
sure sub domains are not linked to the main sites success.

I've based the Google ranking delay for new sub domains on free sub
domains like Blogspot that don't show any good rankings for ages, just
like a new site, since there are Blogspot sites that do well if a sub
domain beats the Google ranking delay you'd expect Blogspot blogs to
rank quickly (they don't).

As it stands I'd expect a new sub domain to not do well for 6+ months,
so avoid if possible. I work on the assumption a new (sub)domain won't
do well for at least 1 year.

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Thanks David, it sounds like a long-term plan is required then.  I guess I
should put a few pages on each sub-domain then slowly build over the next
few months.

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On Thu, 8 Sep 2005 13:35:31 +0000 (UTC), "small mouse"

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I'd agree with that too. Get it out there ASAP and don't expect to see
any business from it for months.


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Re: Need Advice on Sub-Domains

On Thu, 08 Sep 2005 13:19:10 GMT, David

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How is having thousands of visitors a day doing well? Numbers have to
be qualified by context and we aren't given them here. If the sub-site
is only one page and it's in an area of stiff competition and it has
thousands of visitors searching for the specific optimised phrase then
it's doing pretty good. If it's Dave's usual output of gazillions of
unoptimised pages of public domain content each getting (purely by
coincidence, not by optimised design) one visitor a year for
non-competitive serps then they can't be said to be doing well from an

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