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Re: Need advice on search engine boosting

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:51:30 +0000 (UTC), "small mouse"

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After spending a few days looking up those "basics" then sifting out
the "out-dated" or "skeptical" bits from what you have read elsewhere.
Then setting aside time to start applying the little bits you did find
out about to your site's pages.

I dont' disagree a person can easily learn the basics of SEO - such as
valid HTML, proper usage of HTML [headings and such in the content],
reading about pros/cons of javascript menus, keyword density, META
keywords and description, <title></title>, and et al.

But I don't think one can "lean it in a day" - no more so than I can
believe book titles that share thoughts like "Learn HTML in 24 hours
or less".


Re: Need advice on search engine boosting

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Have a read here: and

SEO activity is best seen as making your site friendly for human visitors
and simultaneously making it fully understandable to a search engine
computer.  Try to learn the basics of SEO and then apply them when you are
writing web pages.  There is plenty of advice on the internet but you won't
go wrong if you only read the Google and MSN search webmaster guidelines
above.   The biggest challenge however is writing good content that pleases
and satisfies the searchers needs.
Best regards, Eric.

Re: Need advice on search engine boosting

Peter Royle wrote:
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 No, they are scamsters.

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Not that i can see.

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I got a telephone call from one of these jokers today. The guy was
reading from a script in a very deadpan voice, something like:

"Hello, i am calling today from Master Hosting. We noticed your web
site today and we wondered if you created it yourself or outsourced it
because it appeared that it was well designed and informative but it
ranked very low at the major search engines."

At this point i burst out giggling because is kind of a joke around
our shop how high our site ranks for our chosen keywords. So i asked
the guy, "Which search engines were you testing us on -- and which

He said, "Alta Vista shows that you could rank higher if you made
better use of meta tags."

I almost it laughing, but asked him to explain. Turns out that he was
flogging a $29.95 "trial service" that would "ensure your site is
listed at 200 top search engines with higher rankings that will send
qualified buyers to your site."

I asked him what a "qualified" buyer was in contradistinction to a
regular old buyer. He just repeated the line of script, like a broken

I asked him if he knew how well i ranked for my top keywords. No
answer. I asked again.

"Well, that is up to our research department," he finally mumbled.

"Do you know what a keyword is?"

"Our research department handles that."

"Well," i said, "Tell your research department to write you a better
script for cold calling."

It was pathetic.

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