mystified by MSN search algorithm

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if Nielson is correct that MSN makes up 9% of internet search traffic
(, then our
company Gigmasters must be doing something very wrong with regard to
MSN. We are getting only about half of one percent of our traffic from
MSN (whereas our Google and Yahoo traffic is much more inline with what
Nielson quotes). The problem is we simply do not rank well for key
terms on MSN even though we come up very high for those same terms on
Google and Yahoo.

Here's an example: we come up first for "string quartet philadelphia"
in both Google and Yahoo, but we are nowhere to be found on MSN for
that phrase. I know MSN indexed the page because i can search for the
URL directly and it comes up
( ).

My question is: are we missing some sort of meta tag that MSN likes to
see? or is MSN's search algorithm just 'different' than that of Google
and Yahoo??

Re: mystified by MSN search algorithm


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Yup, it's very on-page oriented.



Re: mystified by MSN search algorithm

Big Bill wrote:
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My stat reports show the Nielson ratings less than accurate as well. I
see about 62% coming from Google, 35% from Yahoo and 3% coming from
What is most curious about this is the fact that my site is displayed
much higher in the results for both Yahoo and MSN. The logical
conclusion is that more searchers are using Google.

My site is normally out ranked on Google by the sites that include
Adsense but that is a different topic. :(


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