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The other day i was searching for 'call center in india' in google, i
found a number of results relating 2 the searched keyword but very few
call center sites, frustrated from this results i searched 'contact
center in india' and this time i got a site on top position , but i was surprised 2 see that it had
'call center' keywords in 'title' rather than that of a 'contact
center' and still it was on top with contact center.

my question is why it's not visible with call center india even though
it has call center words in title and vice versa.(considering the imp.
google gives to keywords in title.)

can anyone post a reply to solve this mystery.

Re: mystery of call center

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it may be quicker to type, but its harder to read

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there are many factors. The title tag is just one of them.

Re: mystery of call center

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sorry for that, next time i'll take care..

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but can u please elaborate a little on your observation of the title of this page.

thanks in advance!!!

Re: mystery of call center (sweet boy) wrote in

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In addition to the Title Tag, we also have the weight Google places on
the Hx Tag, the keywords in the body of the page, the PR of the page, the
number of inbound links, PR of inbound links, well optimised inbound link
text, the structure of the page and the ability of robot to navigate the
page, etc

I don't have access to the PR since I don't use IE but a cursory look at
the Source Code for a few of the sites returned suggest they are not
well optimised and the top position site was simply the best of a bad

The first site on the list had seven inbound links according to Google
and the keywords on the body of the page are weighted towards contact
while the keywords in the title are weighted towards center and india.

...I am not sure of the importance google places on the order of keywords
but if you transpose contact and center, you get different results.

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