My Turn to scratch my head ....

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Well , After working so hard getting my pages ranked well ( most of my pages
were Google's top 10 ), It's my turn to scratch my head. Most all of my
pages have dropped off the face of the earth. I've been optimizing for the
new changes to Google ( or so I thought ). Some of the positions were #2 out
of 684,000 , #3 out of 510,000 and my best, #1 out of 1,360,000 .... not to
mention lots of tops 10's ....

Now I just wait ....

Google has been crawling my site a LOT over the last 24-48 hours ( funny, I
was just complaining that Googlebot never visited ! ) and most all of my
current pages have been crawled.

Something I find strange is if I goto, and do a search
for one of my more popular terms, It says I have #2 for one in particular.
If I immediately goto the google dance tool, and search all 10 datacenters,
I cant find the page anywhere's .... Any explanations for this one ? Happens
with more than one page too, and more than one search phrase.

Thanks all,
David D.

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