My site going down in google search

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My site have been going down, down and down in google. It seem the
more I try to improve the wost it get.
I am lost and hoping someone could give me some pointers.
My web site is
Thanks for any help.

Re: My site going down in google search

On Feb 13, 10:51=A0pm, wrote:

You are in a tough situation. I think. Without getting all detailed
this is what I suggest:

By far the most important thing is to learn how to write better
optimized content. For example, get those <Hx> tags working for you.
Write better web page Titles and meta Descriptions. Identify and
highlight the important keyphrases for each webpage. (I do see your
keyphrase in the content but they appear to be more inserted in the
sentences rather than appearing to flow naturally within the
sentences. The search engine may like that but it makes for an
unpleasant read).

Get rid of your links page; full of irrelevant content anyway. Your
web site needs links no doubt. Lotsa ways to get them. You can try to
stand on your own two feet. If it was my web site promotion I would
first try to generate my own incoming links before I sought elsewhere.
For example, you could maybe build a sister web site for this, one
that is more search engine friendly (and make them both well cross-
linked without replicating any content). You could even consider
blogging from outside the web site; you know, write about your
services and products and whatever else can give your Intenet visitor
a more behind-the-scenes look at your operation.

Re: My site going down in google search

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed writing in

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You might want to try fixing all the markup errors: -

Then try upgrading the markup and get rid of presentational elements,
like FONT.  Stop using inline CSS (it's also a PITA to maintain), like
style="FONT-SIZE: 13.5pt; COLOR: navy; FONT-FAMILY: Heather".  In the
first place, pt sizes are not resizable, hex colors are better
understood by browsers, and you should always include a fallback font -
I don't have Heather, so I am seeing my default font.

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