my google serps going down - any ideas

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I've been lurking here for a few months now, and I've picked up a lot of
useful info.  Thanks everyone.

My current problem is with my Google SERPS
I'm only after the Australian market, and so I've trying to get my Google
listing to appear high when someone chooses to only show Australian Site in

When I took over the company in January, for my main Keyword, I was listed
on the 6 or 7th page.  After reading lots here, I was able to get that same
Keyword to list me at #2 on the first page!
Great! was very happy with that.  This, along with an Adwords campaign, have
been raising sales about 10% per month!  Company is now Profitable!

However, over the last 2 weeks, I have not changed anything significantly on
the homepage, but I have noticed my site slipping slowly back down the list
on the front page.
First, it was just a few places, then it was more.
Sales are now dropping!
Currently at #8 on the first page.  I'm trying to workout why!  Pages that
are now above me have not changed there content significantly, so its
probably not that they are scoring better, I think its more likely to be my
While I'm not employing any questionable methods, I am doing one thing that
might be hurting me now.  I'm using my main keyword on my site LOTS.

I'm no expert at this, but I think that is was has helped rocket me up, but
is now hurting me.

Site is and the main keyword I'm chasing is MSM (a
well used abbreviation for Methylsulfonylmethane).
I know I still need to work on the site.  Its pretty much a work in progress
(aren't they all?)
Is my assumption correct?  Is it the Keyword density thats now hurting me?
Any comments as to why my site is slipping down the rankings for my main
Any comments welcome.

P.S.  My title did mention MSM 3 times.  its now mentioned 2 times.

Thanks....  Philip Middleton
MSM Supplies Australia

Re: my google serps going down - any ideas

Philip wrote:

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It sounds like you had a fairly normal freshbot listing - it's difficult
to tell without more info, such as when you made the significant changes
that put you at the top. I would say don't do anything 'till the next
update. You could see your site reinstated where it was. I'm no expert
but it sounds like it's not a lot to worry about at this stage.

On another note, it looks like you could move a lot of surplus font and
colour information to a CSS file - which really wouldn't hurt.

Good luck.


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Re: my google serps going down - any ideas

On Mon, 9 Aug 2004 14:48:50 +0800, "Philip" <philip@_remove> wrote:

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Took a very quick look at your site and I'd say your success is due to
two things.

1. The high keyword density.
2. You have very little competition when searching only in Australia.

To expand on 2. You and your competition have very low PRs of just PR3
and PR4 (look up PageRank and download for

Your home page is just PR3 with no backlinks showing in Google. This
means your site is in the top 10 for almost content alone (probably
90% content related).

A PR3 is very, very easy to beat. what you need to do most is get more
links to your site ideally using the anchor text MSM.

With half a dozen PR4 links using MSM as anchor text you'll likely go
to number 1.

BTW with such a low PR your title should be a lot shorter. You aren't
going to get all those with your home page-

<title>MSM Supplies Australia - MSM for Arthritis Inflammation pain
and Allergies</title>

You can safely remove Allergies since has that SERP (MSM
Allergies) change it's title to MSM Allergies.

Same with MSM Inflammation

And MSM Pain

Change the title of these pages to boost it's SERPs.

So the home page could be-

<title>MSM Supplies Australia - MSM for Arthritis</title>

And could be shortened to <title>MSM Supplies Australia</title>
(ideally <title>MSM Australia</title> but it doesn't read right) if
you improve
since it could do better for MSM Arthritis with a better title and
better anchor text.

When you have the title right use it to optimise the rest of the page,
concentrate on that one SERP (home page MSM Australia), whilst taking
highly related ones into account.

Most important though is more links, your SERPs will never be stable
without them. More importantly almost anyone in the NG could take
those SERPs if they had an Australian website!!

-- /

Re: my google serps going down - any ideas

On Mon, 9 Aug 2004 14:48:50 +0800, "Philip" <philip@_remove> wrote:

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First thing I'd do is check your link pop as opposed to your
competition's link pop. If they're overtaking you, down in the SERPS
you go.


Re: my google serps going down - any ideas

Philip wrote:
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Very important:  On all other pages, other than your home page, I suggest
you amend the link to your home page, which is an image with the word
"HOME", by adding alt text saying "MSM"

PS. If you know anyone in Australia with a web site which is accessible
directly via an associated IP address I would like 30k of space for a stand
alone web page as an experiment.  e.g. or I am trying to find out
if I can get one of my pages listed in Google Australia without having to
pay to rent a whole web site.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: my google serps going down - any ideas

Thankyou all for your suggestions.
I have started implementing, and should have most, if not all suggestions
implemented within the week (or so)
I Knew I had to build PR, didnt realise without much PR (PR3), serps would
be unstable. I think that's what's going to be the hardest.

Thanks again.  I really appreciate the suggestions, and the time you have
all taken to give them.
...  Philip Middleton

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