My Google Page Rank is 4

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Hi webmasters,
I am web designer, I designed my own web site, 3-4
months back, last month i got my google page rank 4, but there no page
from my site indexing in google, i am using google site map also,
Can anyone help me,

Manish Tuli

Re: My Google Page Rank is 4 schreef:
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Your website is nothing more than a keyword stuffed template, so why
should it be indexed?

Website Design: /
Being found:
Css templates:

Re: My Google Page Rank is 4

__/ [ tonnie ] on Sunday 20 August 2006 08:34 \__

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I had to see it to believe it.

First advice: in reference to Bill's comment, learn how to code in raw HTML.
FrontPage is a very notorious tool.

Second: Flash is bad. If not to humans, then for SEO aspects of any sites.


,----[ Code ]
| <!-- Start of StatCounter Code -->
| <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
| var sc_project=1531759;
| var sc_invisible=1;
| var sc_partition=14;
| var sc_security="9cafbde9";
| </script>
| [SNIP />
| <!-- End of StatCounter Code -->

Thanks for reminding me why I have NoScript installed. *smile*

Best wishes and best of luck,


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Re: My Google Page Rank is 4

On 20 Aug 2006 00:30:17 -0700, wrote:

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Manish, you have some grasp of what looks good but you really do need
to study how to make the code look good too. I don't suppose Google is
able to navigate your pages, your code is so bad. Also you have no PR
at all that I can see. Validate your code and see if that helps.


Re: My Google Page Rank is 4

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Your page does seem to be a pr4. Putting the code issue asside - why do you
have to click TWICE to move to a page - that is not good from a user point
of view - or site crawler

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