My Google findings...

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Hi All.
May be old news, but Google has finally re-visited most of our pages,
but the result is a little worrying...

All pages that are coming up trumps for "page title" seem only to be
using  the <meta name="description" content=".....> and not returning
any results from the page body, in effect, it would seem, it is ignoring
<H> tags as well.

e.g. a google search for "Maximuscle Cyclone" returns the following..

*Maximuscle Cyclone  (Taken from page title)
*Weight gainers, weight gain powders, weight gain supplements, offering
*highest quality best value weight gain products in the UK.
* - 78k - Cached

The next paragraph "Weight gainers....." is taken from <meta
name="description" content=" which is generic content taken from the
catalogue section page (when the site builder generates the pages)rather
than anything directly related to the page  as such, we have no control
over it. This is a bit of a blow. :(  I would hope it's a short term thing.

On second look, it just seems to be chopping off to the end of the
description. I will now go and shorten the text that goes in the
description to a few words and see if it kicks things into action by
then following on with text from <body>...

I'll let you know how I get on.

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