My experince with Keywords or 101 things not to do with keywords

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Short Version:
How many words are ideal for Discription and Keywords in the Meta Text?

Long story;

Gday all,
My boss had over 100 keywords for his dating website (rather big, gets
about 100000 traffic a day) and I had told him that 100 keyword in the
meta text was way too much, particularly has he had completely
unrelated words there like Russian brides and what not. I have spent a
few hours researching the effectiveness of these words and found only
about 6 actually feature in the first 1000 result on Google for our

I have since research the existing organic keywords we are getting
traffic from though Google analytics and live stats, and used this
information as well as Google keyword tool to conduct a market research
on what words are beneficial to our website.

The last thing I need to know is how many words for the Description and
Meta Tags are ideal?
what is too many or to little?

Please give me you feed back on this question.


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