My Apologies

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My apologies to everyone - I did not know that posting this article to
a few of the groups I belong to was considered spamming.

I am not sure what I did wrong, as I know that I see the same article
promoted in several of the groups I belong to.

Please help me understand how this works.  The last thing I was is to
upset anyone or be spamming.  Not my intention at all!

Thank you!

Re: My Apologies

simplibizgmj wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I sounded like a advert. And it wasnt really correct either. If all I
had to do was have SEO'ed page to get top serps I would be laughing

thats the easier part lol.

-The solution is to create Keyword Rich Pages (KRPs) - pages which
-provide good content and in which a particular keyword is repeated a
-number of times so that the page gets a top ranking for that keyword.

That easy huh :D


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Re: My Apologies

Thank you,

The last thing I want was for it to sound like an advert...I had no
Would it have been better if I just posted the entire article without a
link to the article itself?

I appreciate your reply.

Thank you,

Re: My Apologies

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The thing is Simplibizgmj, this is Usenet group that is frequented by many
SEO specialists who spend a great deal of our their own free time ( which
can be difficult to commit ) answering questions from web site designers
regarding many of the SEO misconceptions such as the one that you posted.
Your post may have been better received with a few disclaimers such as :
"This is a technique that seems to have worked well for me and I wanted to
share it with others" but to come out of the blue and provide "the solution"
obviously raises red flags in some of us.

It certainly came across as advertisement, and a quick glance at the linked
web site clearly indicates motive ( I'm referring to your affiliate links
that your web site encourages the visitors to click through ).

Presentation is everything. How do you present your approach? Is it a
similar approach that is used by spammers? If it looks like spam well ...

Stick around, I'm sure you can be a great asset to our community, and you
might learn a few things. I certainly have learned a great deal since
returning a couple of months ago.


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Re: My Apologies

Thank you,
I will stick around and I appreciate your support.  I have a lot to
learn and have a lot I feel I can contribute.  I look forward to a
great relationship.
Again thank you and have a great day!

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