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[I apologize if this is the wrong group for this post. I now have to
read Usenet via DN, which does not show description lines for groups.]

I posted the following to James Tauber's blog in July, but thought I'd
repost it here for the general public.  (Actually, I wanted to post it
to Google's google.[whatever] newsgroup, but Google isn't currently
showing, on its Web site, new posts thereto.)  Anyway, here goes:

I've been thinking Google should have a music search (for its site and
for its Desktop application which searches .mp3's, .wav's, et al. for
(1) lyrics and (2) tunes (MIDIs too).  Obvious problems:

(1) Lyrics.  Extracting lyrics from these music files requires really
good speech-recognition software -- so good, in fact, that I doubt it
exists yet.

(2) Tunes.  This should be easier to search on -- especially for
MIDIs.  The problems are (a) the user interface and (b) the search-
term-matching algorithm (or whatever it's called).  (a) How should
users specify a tune?  You'd need a complicated interface for typing
in a tune, possibly by clicking an on-screen keyboard.  (b) How do you
know whether two tunes are sufficiently similar to match?  You need to
account for the fact that the tempo might be different; that the user
may have typed the wrong notes (either by having all his notes one
fifth, say, higher than appropriate, or by getting one or two or n of
the typed notes wrong); that the user may have skipped notes (so the
algorithm would have to match not only exact matches but also cases
where the user's notes are the file's _main_ notes (for some
definition of 'main')); and doubtless other issues.

The issues in (2) don't seem insurmountable (to me, not that I know
the first thing about how to implement such a thing); the issues in
(1) seem much harder unless and until we have great speech-recognition
software; once we do, (1) is also not hard.

Michael Hamm

Re: music search

1 - Why would you use speech recognition instead of a textual resource
of lyrics?
2 - *cough* copyright issues *cough* Who owns the rights to what's
being searched and where would it be stored etc etc.

I'd very much doubt Google would want to run the risk of all the legal
implications, nor get in to competition with something like iTunes...
and if you google ' {song name} lyrics' they usually show
results for most artists.

You could just search by file type on google: =


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