Musatov proves his Universal Resource Locator Transform Methodology

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Will load and prime the Universal Resource Locator Item at:

The principle is similar to putting a mirror across from a mirror and
angling them both.

The technology exists as part of a slew of new search techniques and
algorithms developed by the tech maven Martin Musatov through his
controversial but growing steadily a presence in 78 countries world
wide (search engine) .

Musatov says his goal is simply to raise a million dollars to cure
childhood cancer as a tribute to the courage of Alexandra Scott. The
most beautiful little girl who suffered on this earth more than most
of us ever will. We should not be spending a dime on anything
frivolous until we have cures for diseases that ravage these beautiful
children and adults. Life is a gift from God and we owe it to preserve
life and reduce suffering first and foremost. When people are not fed
they should be fed and when people are sick they should be seen by a
doctor always. There are no exceptions or excuses for this. A hungry
person no matter their fault or not should be fed and a sick person
needs to be taken care of the same.

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