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Hello All,

I work for a company that has at least 6 different web sites with a few more to
come.  Each is devoted to hair loss and hair restoration.  I am concerned since
much of the content is the same that we will be penalized as mirror sites.

plus a few others.  Is this something I should be concerned with?  Should I
take down some of the less updated sites?

All answers will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Re: multiple websites

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more to

Take my advice, take 2 down.

I've been penalised, same site, diff content but same address/phone number

Re: multiple websites

N e v s wrote:

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In what way, exactly, were you penalized?

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Genesis POS
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Re: multiple websites

PlataLengua wrote:
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don't take them down...split the content...make them more specialised and
as closely related to the domain names as possible...with the three you
give above I'd use the first as a sort of directory site, a find your
transplant site...I'd use the second to look at the medical and procedural
aspects of hair transplants, if you have the .org I'd use it as an info
site to pull traffic from people searching for general information...I'd
use the third to cover information on why people might have use for a hair
transplant...there are then good reasons to interlink the three, and each
can gain reciprocal links in different areas without appearing to compete

You will also be presenting the search engines with what they and their
users want, highly targeted information...the fact that you'll gain extra
traffic, and if you have a well thought out site extra business, is
irrelevant to the SE

all these years I've waited for the revolution
and all we end up getting is spin

Re: multiple websites

Haven't you been watching what's been going on at google with multiple
sites this past year? First off don't listen to what those other posters
have told you because they are wrong. Google loves multiple websites and
multiple web pages at those websites. If you want your company to do
well at google link all three sites together and create as many pages as
you can at each site. Linking all 3 sites together will help them to at
least get a page rank of 4 and creating tons of pages at every sites
will give you tons of back links without ever having to exchange a
single link with anyone else. It'll take a few months at least for the
whole thing to click once you do this but have patience. Also there is
no such thing as the google ban or being penalized. That is a lie made
up here by people who are doing exactly what I told you do above. They
want to discourage competetion so they have made up the google ban lie.
Check out their sites and you will see they are doing exactly what I
have told you to do.

Re: multiple websites

Sam wrote:
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Sam, are you one person or a team operating under the opne name? If there's
only one of you, it's an impressive and sustained performance.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: multiple websites

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But you do not care to argue how they are wrong.

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Are you serious? Do you really think everyone who have answered here is in
direct competition with his sites?
About the "Google ban lie" - how do you know this? It is one thing to say
that Google don't ban sites, and another to say that perhaps they don't look
deeply into every little spam report.

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