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Does anyone know if dmoz allows the submission of different pages of a site
to different categories.

e.g. a site with a pages about a topic (e.g. health care) at different
locations could be listed under a general health care category. However the
individual pages may be best listed in the categories for each location.



Re: multiple pages in Dmoz

it says you're not supposed to do it.

Do you mean like putting in one category
and then in a different category

is that what you mean?
thats not allowed

Re: multiple pages in Dmoz

The dmoz notes talk about sites not pages.

I asked because I noticed a reference to a particular page of a site e.g. in dmoz rather than the whole site

This made me wonder if they would except e.g. in the regional Yellowstone section and in  the Powder River section. In each
case directory visitors viewing the regional section of the directory may be
interested in the individual pages.

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Re: multiple pages in Dmoz

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Yes it is, if there is sufficient content. If what you say was true, the you
would find no geocities sites in Dmoz


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Re: multiple pages in Dmoz

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We have about 7 listings on Dmoz in different categories

Barrie Heaton

Re: multiple pages in Dmoz

Peter wrote:

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It really depends on the editor. I've seen sites in dmoz under multiple


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Re: multiple pages in Dmoz

Joe Blower <> wrote in

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The guidelines make a big play of 'significantly different' content. and probably would
be both listed, because the two hobbies have nothing in common, and it's
unlikely the stamp collectors would ever find the content if it were
only listed under budgies. and would be unlikely to be
listed separately, particularly if mentioned both, or
talked about plants in general.  

Instead of listing all the sections in all relevant subcategories, would be listed in dmoz/plants.

If the site owner then insisted on repeatedly submitting /orchids /roses
/daisies and /tomatoes to subcategories, a warning note would usually go
on the entire domain to alert editors that this submitter is spamming.  
It's unlikely that every entry for the site would be removed, but the
description might be unfavorably tweaked.

And of course, checking and deleting the multiple submissions will slow
down everyone else's submission, because the editors only have limited


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