Multiple domains, linking to home page, forwarding

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I used to have one domain in my account with 1&1 and one website with
this domain. Now I have purchased three .eu domains which are hosted in the
same account. The problem is that when I type in any of the new addresses I
purchased they take me to website home page. That's what I do not
want to happen, as I do not want any forwarding whatsoever, as those .eu
domains are supposed to be used for completely unrelevant subject to

I should mention that the destination for all the domains is set to /.

Well, I know the simplest way is to change the destination of all other
domains to something different than /. but as far as I remember I was
strongly advised here, that when I link to the home page, I should use /.
That won't be possible if I change the destinations of other domains. So
what do I have to do now? Any advice how I should organise the destinations
of my domains in my account?

Another thing is, that I forwarded one of the domains to one of my websites
which is currently PR2. It is been done ok, and forwarding works fine.
But the PR bar is greyed out in .eu domain. Does that mean it needs to be
indexed by google? Will it be done when google spider visits the original
site that .eu is forwarded to? Will it get PR2 then?

Please advise as I am sort of lost, especially with the first issue.



Re: Multiple domains, linking to home page, forwarding


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My hosting company redirects domains to directories on my account, you  
should probably ask for something similar.


Re: Multiple domains, linking to home page, forwarding says...
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    On "1 and 1", your hosting only has one "top level directory".
I host a number of sites on my plan, the first registered is on "/",
then the others are on "/site_one/", "/site_two/", "/site_three/" -
all without the quotes, of course.

    Then in "control panel - domains", you point the domain at its
own directory, and ftp its files to the same directory...



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