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Is there any value to having multiple domain names that point to a
parent website?  In theory it would seem like a good idea but I can
also see where the 'landing' pages would not be deemed as real or of
value to spiders and would therefore be a possible red flag.
anyone have experience with this?  

many thanks,


Re: multiple domains for one site

There is really little use of multiple Domains to the average user, although
they can be useful if you run alternative advertising campaigns which you
would like to track.

Lets  say that is the real web site exposing the web site code
and is aliased to a Frame or redirect (so we don't get two
identical web sites exposed to the search engines).  If you run a magazine
advert and provide the .biz address then your web server stats should be
able to show you how many people came to the web site as a result of that

Of course a lot of larger companies use multiple Domain Name just to block
others from registering them and to provide all the permutations in case a
visitor types in the wrong address.

Martyn Fewtrell

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Re: multiple domains for one site


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The following is a post I did on this a few days back

I have seen a lot of sites not that have multiple domains going to different
areas of the site and when you want to jump from one section to another they
use absolute urls going forwards and backwards, but normal links to the
internal pages.

For some of the larger commerical sites that I have designed, we use this
and in most cases its being highly succesfull.

I called them "siteletts". any of you guys interested in useing this term
just cut me a cheque >:} and its then copywrite free
yes I am lazy

Re: multiple domains for one site

thanks.  I'm interested in how you developed these 'sitelets' and
don't want to bother you to repeat yourself.  do you remember when the
previous thread was posted and I could look there? (I'm playing into
your stated 'laziness' ;)

I work for a big company by day and they are looking to utilize
previously purchased domain names for helping with the SEO effort.  I
think we should be able to use the domains but I want to be sure and
follow the rules so that there is added benefit and not penalites.

Re: multiple domains for one site (Slim) wrote in message
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Buying "used" domain names in your specific category is a great idea.

Some already have traffic and Link Popularity.

I have did this some some limited success. I bought a used domain
name, pointed it to my site and when google re-spidered it, I received
500 hits per day. Mostly because  the inbound links gave my site a
higher ranking.

Also you will show up in the rankings for each domain name, giving you
a higher probability of being chosen.

Ebay is a good source of used domain names. Also they are fairly cheap

Another reason to have several domain names is because if one name
gets dropped from an engine for whatever reason, the other names will
provide some backup.


Re: multiple domains for one site

did these 'used domains' have separate content or just a redirect upon page load? (Tim Arnold) wrote in message
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Re: multiple domains for one site

let me rephrase that:
do you actually have content on all of the domains or do you just have
links (not a redirect) from the purchased domains pointing to the site
with true content?

Re: multiple domains for one site (Slim) wrote in message
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One more thing. For 5.00 a month these guys will send you recently
expired names that are already in DMOZ and Yahoo.


Re: multiple domains for one site

Multiple names rules

Traffic traffic traffic
and testing

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